We are meant to thrive!

You know, there have been so many different times that I have wanted to quit my business and I LOVE what I do. But it can be so hard; and I question my ability every.single.day. Well, to be honest,

I question myself several.times.PER.day.


I have worked hard to become dually certified; and have paid a lot of money to work with, and learn from (in my opinion), the top coaches in the industry. However, my mind still goes to: "Am I good enough as a coach?" "Is what I have to say and teach any good-really?" "Will people think I am a fraud?" "Will anyone really want to work with ME?"

It's very difficult to be vulnerable, visible, and "out there" ~ and the more you "jump" and take chances, the scarier it gets. HOWEVER, I would not have it any other way. I may question myself and get scared but to me,

Regret Is So Much Scarier!!!

I know I have a purpose and am MEANT to make an impact in this world, and SO DO YOU! You have a purpose! YOU are meant to make an impact as well!!! Please don't let fear or doubt stop you my friends! My coach said that if you are not questioning yourself everyday, you are not stepping far enough out of your comfort zone. What do you want to do? What truly lights you up?

I am writing this blog to encourage you to follow your heart ~ to step out of your comfort zones and BE the person you are meant to be. 

I did not have the courage to step out of my comfort zone

until I got my cancer diagnosis ...

THAT was when I realized that life is too short to play small; or to let my fears stop me. YOU AND I, we were not born to be mediocre.

You got this! All you have to do is think of the things you have ALREADY accomplished, and all the things you have already gotten through! You really can do anything!

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine

Certified Transformational and Mindset Coach for women ready to move forward in life, and create big, big change.

If I can help to encourage you, or if you need help moving forward from trauma or adversity, please reach out.

Big love and hugs :)



My heart hurts

My brother passed away three weeks ago today, and as a write this I am still trying to make sense of it. My sister passed away two years ago as well, and both of them were in their 40's. 

I woke up this morning with this "scene" that comes up every time I go through a very rough or traumatic time. It's a "picture" of me on my knees with my head down in this extreme expression of pain. I keep trying to figure out what this "scene" or "picture" means ...

Is it something to come; something worse than what I have gone through already?! 

My brother and me

My brother and me

        or is it a symbol that I need to "dive deeper" into what I have already gone through?!

We all process, and "feel" in different ways ...

At my brother's "Celebration of Life", it was wonderful hearing his friends talk and share with a slide show as well, but oooo it got to me :(

and I am not a crier even when I want to be. (That is another story) ... so, I am being open and LISTENING to my heart and soul of what is to come and what I need to do next;

        in my business (I wish to honor my brother as I do my sister in my work) and life. 

I encourage all of you, no matter what you are going through, to listen to YOUR heart and soul.  All the answers are inside of you.

With big love,


P.S. I am here for you ~ each and every one of you.  My new (yet established) group program is starting soon. Message me for more information if you would like to join this small, select group of women whom are ready to begin a new chapter in their lives ~ women who are ready to thrive, prosper and make a big impact in the world. Email me at martine@martineemmons.com. Thank you so much! 

Life Can Sometimes Be So Painful

especially when tragedy comes at you from out of the blue.


I am sitting here on my bed trying to make sense of this ...

As most of you know, I am a Transformational and Mindset Coach for trauma survivors and now I am knee dip in pain again myself. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as my sweet momma used to say, or any way to grasp an understanding as to WHY things happen ...

I can't go into details just yet; however, I needed to write this newsletter to say:

PLEASE do not wait

to make phone calls you feel led to make; PLEASE do not wait thinking you have time to visit a friend or family member; and PLEASE do not wait to spend that 1:1 time, or even to send a card or text because you NEVER know when their last day will be :(

Friends, PLEASE listen to that still, small voice ...

Oh my gosh ... I can't stress this more. My heart hurts SO, SO much.

The only comfort I feel right now is that my work is even more needed that I originally thought, and in so many more areas. May God help me to serve in all areas HE leads me.  

Sending you all love and blessings, and asking for prayers for my family ...






A little stress can be good ...

And I find it a prerequisite for success! However, if you are finding yourself worrying for no reason, it is not healthy.

Relax, take action in the areas you know you need to, and then leave the rest to God. He is always looking out for us.

Also, it is a huge blessing to be busy right?! We don't want the alternative :)

I am here cheering you on!

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine


P.S. Do you know without a single doubt that you were made for more in this life? Are you a warrior woman; strong, brave, and full of purpose?  

You know you are meant to make an impact but are not sure what steps to take?

Take my hand, I will show you how to get there! I am a survivor of childhood abuse, divorce, cancer and more ... I wanted to live my life wide open and I suspect you do as well.

If this sounds like you, contact me. Leave a message here or send me an email at martine@martineemmons.com

*You are ready to take your story and turn it into an amazing testimony of courage and strength ...

IMG_0121 2.jpg

*You are ready to feel like your life is magical and exhilarating ...

*You want to jump out of bed in the morning excited to work on, and in, your dream life PLUS have the ability to slow down and enjoy your beautiful life ...

Let us begin this new chapter in your life towards happiness ad fulfillment.

New, yet established, group program starting February 17th. Early bird pricing through February 12. I have 1:1 spots available too. Just ask :)

Note: As a dually certified Transformational and Mindset Coach for survivors of trauma, and women ready to move forward in life, I work with all types of trauma; and there is no one size fits all in working with me. Trauma doesn't always happen in negative life events. It could mean a new baby, a large move, a job loss, or anytime your role or identity is redefined.



You know those days

where you don't particularly want to do something, but in your heart, you know you should ...

Last Sunday was one of those days. My husband suggested that we watch church service at home by Live Stream. It was so tempting for many reasons, especially the fact that he was leaving for a business trip very early the next morning. However,  something inside me told me we needed to go, so we did ...  


We were so grateful we listened. Not only was it an excellent service about community, fellowship, connection and how important it was, but we connected with a young couple that truly needed mentoring. What an honor God gave us that day ...


And to think we were not going to go!

We were both so grateful that we listened to the tugging on my heart!!!

We met this couple during an exercise the Pastor had us do in reaching out. We were told to discuss what brought us to church that morning. I was asked the question first by the woman and I said we were actually not going to attend that day but I had felt called to do so. I also said that we had been members of the church for 5 years but took a break when I was going through chemotherapy [because the lights and big screen display bothered me].  She burst into tears and I looked at her husband who was teary too and he said that she was recovering from cancer as well, and that they were not going to attend that day either. They had been having car troubles, and every time the car broke down, it was in front of a church (Holy WOW!) He also said that a friend of theirs was going to take them to his church that day but he was sick, so they decided to give our church one more try even though it felt too big ~ like they would get lost in the crowd. He said us reaching out to them was just what they needed, and that they would be attending from now on :)

Eric and I spent some time with them after service as well and it felt so nice to be able to help like we did. We exchanged numbers with them, and we have chatted a bit by text. What a blessing! We plan on inviting them to dinner soon.

If you feel a calling on your heart, don't ignore it. There is likely a blessing in it for YOU as well.

The biggest of love to you friends, and please reach out if I can do anything for you:)


Showing Up Is Half The Battle


Some days are tougher than others; let's face it. And this time of year can be hard for many of us anyway.

For me, it is the memories of my mom and sister. This January will be four years since my mom passed, and it's been two years since my sister left this earth. I miss them so much. 

I just wanted to remind you all that showing up is half the battle. If we simply show up for what needs to be done in our lives, we are winning! AND it gives us big confidence in ourselves and a reason to be proud as well :)

To me, you are all rockstars!! You really are!

Thank you all for being with me this year. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to reach out. I am always listening :)

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine

P.S. If 2018 is your year to find your purpose and move forward in your life, please email me. Maybe I can help :) martine@martineemmons.com

It's Not Always Easy To Have A Heart Of Compassion

I went for a long walk with a girlfriend the other day and we decided to grab breakfast as well. Our waitress was a bit rude, for sure. My friend said "whoa, we should say something to management." And I said "you know, yes, she is a bit rude, but maybe something has happened?! Maybe she had a fight with her husband; let's just let it go."

I have been through a lot in my life, and things like that don't get to me in the same way anymore. And I am not saying that if she had been really terrible to us that I might have acted differently, but I felt this was a time to have compassion and not react.

The more we go through in life, the stronger we become :)  

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine

P.S. I hope my short and sweet little message was helpful for you. This time of year  can be particularly hard for many of us. It could be memories of loved ones who have passed, the financial stress of the holidays, etc. and so much more. A little compassion goes a long way. Wishing you all peace, love and happiness. 

P.S.S. If you are wanting to make some big changes this year, or would like to reach a particular goal, I encourage you to reach out. I would love to have a chat with you :)




Do You Know What I Have Found To Be The Most Helpful

and POWERFUL tool in Mindset?


When things get tough or uncomfortable, stay in the room and DO THE WORK! 


I know it is scary. I was afraid of everything for the longest time. It took getting my cancer diagnosis to step fully into my dream life and I was STILL scared.


   AND TRUTH BE TOLD, I still am. But I work on me every.single.day. This practice includes exercise, listening to powerful speakers, tapping and journaling, and taking bold action steps everyday.

YOUR dreams, and my dreams; they are just too important to shrink back into an unfulfilled life ~ a life with no purpose.

What can you do today to start moving towards the life of your dreams? 

P.S. Staying in the room to face your fears in creating your dream life is the same as working through issues in your relationship with your spouse or partner. Issues crop up that have to be worked through in order for the relationship to work; and we must "stay in the room" to work it through. It's all the same. Everything takes work, but it is worth it, right?!

I believe in you!

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine

Certified Transformational and Mindset Coach for survivor's of trauma READY to move forward in life.

****Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, and doesn't always just happen during negative life events. Trauma can also occur during any life changing event.  This could be a new baby, a large move, or anytime your role or identity in life is redefined.

Please feel free to reach out anytime if I can help you :)

Are you following your heart?

There have been goals that I have wanted to achieve but didn't :( I felt like such a failure; like "what is wrong with me?" "Why is it so easy (or appear to be so easy) for others but not me?"

Then, I felt God speak to me that maybe this idea, plan, or goal wasn't really for me.

*sigh*, okay ... 

maybe I can drop the self-blame; maybe I am not so inadequate after all. 

Growing up in a traumatic environment, I found myself trying to achieve things that weren't really what I wanted. I was trying to make other's happy.

Could this be you as well?

If you are feeling like something is wrong with you, or you are upset with yourself for not achieving a certain goal, you may want to ask yourself if this is truly what YOU want.

We will shortly be heading into a new year; maybe now is the time to start asking these questions. Sit quietly and journal about it. What truly lights you up? What will make you happy?

I want to wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving day with your family and friends. It will be a small celebration this year for us. My husband and I are a blended family. Our youngest daughter, 16, is on foreign exchange in Denmark, our son, 13, is in California, our two older boys will be with their mom ... so it will just be our oldest daughter and my husband and me.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Please reach out anytime. I am always listening ...

With love, your Encouragement Queen, Martine


Obstacles are put in our way ...

to see if we REALLY want to reach our goals, or if we just THOUGHT we did.

I have woke up many times in the last couple of weeks in a dreamy state. Good dreams but the kind that lead you a "thoughtful" place.

Anyone feel me?


It's hard to explain ... I liked the "comfortable" place I was in, but I woke up with a "oh heck no!" , but still feeling extreme peace.

I had dreamed of a past relationship and it was loving, kind of crazy too :) as most dreams are, but LOVING all the same. In my dream I was trying to figure out a way to be with him again, which in the waking hours is NOT what I want, LOL, but I learned a lot from this dream. I learned just HOW FAR I have actually come in my entrepreneurial journey as well as life journey.

Have you had dreams like that?

Or has something happened recently that made you realize "Wow, I really have come a long way ..."

I would love to hear your story :)

Please feel free to comment below or hit reply. I answer all my emails personally.

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine

P.S. As a Transformational Coach for survivors of trauma, I help women (and men) who are on the other side of trauma and looking for fulfillment, happiness and purpose. They are ready to thrive in this life!

PLEASE NOTE: trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, and doesn't always just happen during negative life events. Trauma can also occur during any life changing event. This could be a new baby, a large move, or anytime your role or identity in life is redefined.

It just takes a decision!

I went to a live event in mid-October, and I can honestly tell you that I am forever changed.

You already do know this on some level, but I want to remind you to

IMG_0121 2.jpg

STAND IN YOUR POWER and BE who YOU truly are!

We are all scared; every single one of us. I was surrounded by people who have "made it"; people who do what I want to do (I want to be a speaker as well as coaching) ...

These amazing women, and men, they are as real as you and me ...

They get scared too; every time they get on stage in fact.

AND ~ they may look happy and appear like their lives are perfect, but their lives are not perfect. Far from it.

It does not matter what you are going through now, or what you have already been through 

    YOU can do anything you want to do!

Really you can!

For example, financially speaking, I did not know how I was going to attend said event, however, I made the DECISION that I was going and took the needed action to earn the money. I also handled everything that needed to be done in my business and at home before going.

MAKE THE DECISION that you are GOING TO DO what you need to do to make your dreams come true, and then GET STARTED.

I am here to cheering you on.

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine

P.S. I welcome your comments! Please hit reply and tell me your thoughts, or message me about anything you like. 

P.S.S. If you need help regarding any of the above, or if you are a trauma survivor ready to move forward in your life, please hit reply and we will set up a time to talk.

Thank you!


Always Keep The Faith!

I think Les Brown is an amazing speaker as well as human being. I love his never-ending words of encouragement and love. 

In one of his talks, he spoke of cancer being one of the top words feared in seven different languages. Well, I can certainly attest to that. I had never felt more fear than when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon cancer. Oh my gosh, did my mind run off ...

"Who will care for my three young children?"

I was divorced from their father for three years at this time, had recently remarried, and had moved 2,500 miles away from my family.  My mind wanted to run off in so may different directions ...

So what did I do?

I first let myself FEEL everything and then I got on my knees and prayed.  I then grounded myself and took control of my mind. I WOULD survive. I made the decision then and there.

Now, if God would have had other plans, then that's the way it would have been. However, not only did I instinctively know I would make it, I was going to fight no matter what! I had found love again, I had children to raise ~ including two step sons ~ and I was on a mission!!!

THE PURPOSE OF THIS MESSAGE ~ Please don't ever give up! YOU can do it!


And, by the way, don't be afraid to ask for help. I know it is hard for many of us; including me, but I have found that we bless others by allowing them to help us.

As of October 23rd, I am a survivor of three years! GOD is good :)


Your Encouragement Queen, Martine





Certified Transformational and Mindset Coach for trauma survivors ... helping women who are on the other side of trauma and loss who are looking for fulfillment, happiness and purpose.

Note: Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, and doesn't always happen during negative life events. Trauma can also occur during any life changing event. This could be a new baby, a large move, or anytime your role or identity in life is redefined.

Feel free to reach out at any time. I am always listening.


Not Every Day Is Meant To Be Picture Perfect

We are emotional creatures; we are not meant to be happy all the time.

Bad things happen ~ we lose people we love, we lose jobs, we fail in business, etc.

It is important to FEEL the emotions whether it be a temper tantrum for something not going right, or cry because your heart feels broken ...

THIS is healthy and enables you to release the pain.

And then make the decision to move on. Don't stay stuck there. I teach this to the trauma survivor's I work with. What happened to you was not right, and feeling through those emotions is the best thing for releasing them ...


and then move on.

We take everything we went through and we create something new and beautiful.

I have found that the best way to work through our emotions is by journaling. It is so helpful to get it all out on paper because it allows you to "release it",  plus it creates an awareness of your patterns and thought processes.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! You can comment below or simply hit reply.  I love to hear from all of you.

Martine, your Encouragement Queen

Please note: Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes and means different things to different people. It could be a divorce, cancer, or physical abuse for example, or it could mean a new baby, a large move, or any time your role or identity in life is redefined. 

If I can help you, please don't hesitate to reach out.

You are a Masterpiece

As a kid I was called some hurtful names ... things like "big dummy", "chubby duck", or was told that no man would ever want me because I was too fat.

As an adult, I have been told that my dreams are crazy, or "yea, Martine, everyone wants to work from home and have an ocean view ~ what makes you think you are special?"

WELL, I was created by GOD number 1, and number 2, we are ALL unique and special. HE gave each and EVERY ONE of us gifts.

I have reached an age where I {TRULY} could care less what people think of me, call me, or if they try to put down what I am doing or trying to create. 

I am trusting that the dreams I have and the gifts I have been given are from GOD.

So THAT would mean I am capable of whatever my heart desires            AND

YOU ARE CAPABLE of whatever YOUR heart desires.


Please don't let anyone tell you that something can't be done, or that you don't have the skill ~ Just keep being YOU and take steps of action EVERY SINGLE DAY, and you will get there.

Your Encouragement Queen, Martine

As a Certified Transformational and Mindset Coach for trauma survivors, I work with women who are on the side of trauma and are looking for fulfillment, happiness and purpose.

This may be you if are you are ready to go from survivor to thriver, and are ready to start LIVING. This means you are coachable and ready to do the work. BUILDING the life of your dreams DOES take work, but boy is IT WORTH IT!!

Please note, trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, and doesn't just happen during negative life events. Trauma can also occur during any life changing event. This could be a new baby, a large move, or anytime your role or identity in life is redefined.

If I can help you, please reach out for a complimentary call. I work 1:1 and also have group programs as well. 

Feel free to hit reply for any comments or questions as well.



Life Can Be Like A Rollercoaster ...

Right?!  We have ups and downs, and all types of twists and turns.  I have found that the key is to focus on the GOOD in your life. I mean, we all have been in places of "why me?"

But then, who else, right?


Would you really want to hand it over to someone else?! LOL

I know that much of what I have gone through, I would not wish on, or "hand over", to my worst enemy.  However, I am now truly grateful for everything I have gone through because it has made me who I am today ~ a coach for trauma survivors. And someone who can truly relate to others and what they have been through.

Look at what you are going through right now as a lesson ~ what can you learn from it?

Ask yourself ...

Wishing you an amazing day, and a beautiful weekend :)

Martine, the Encouragement Queen


Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes and means different things to different people. It could be a divorce, cancer, or physical abuse for example, or it could mean a new baby, a large move, or any time your role or identity in life is redefined.

If I can help you, please feel free to reach out for a complimentary talk.


Are You Willing To Let Yourself Be Happy Everyday?

I know this sounds crazy!!

However, this past weekend on a gloriously amazing get-a-way with the hubby, I noticed something ...

I let myself enjoy it completely!

Some of you may be scratching your heads on that, right?! Well, anyone who knows me knows that I thrive near the water; especially powerful water like Lake Michigan or anywhere near the ocean.

IN THE PAST, I would sabotage our trips. I would see and feel and breathe in the water, but inside myself (even though I LOVED it) my thoughts would be "don't love it too much cause you ain't never gonna have this" ...

Awful, right?!


But how many of us do this; in other ways perhaps?!  Like eating clean and healthfully, feeling great all week, and then binging on crap food all weekend long?!

As a survivor of trauma, weight has always been an issue for me. I used to keep weight on so no one would hurt me; but there is no excuse to have put it on again. (I had released it all before I was diagnosed with cancer). It's called sabotaging myself yet again.

But the good thing? 

I have the awareness now of what I am doing, and I can fix it :)

Any of this familiar to you? I would love to know. Please hit reply and share. I promise to answer each and every email :)

Martine, the Encouragement Queen

I'm BACK!!!!

Hi everyone! I took a little break; I was just not feeling inspired. Maybe you can relate?! I would love to know what you have done in these instances and how you "came back". Please hit reply! I sincerely would LOVE to know!!!!

Do you make time everyday to work on your mind? You may reach a point where you think you got it and can just blow it off ...


This is an everyday my friends. There ARE certain things you can put off, like your blog for example, LOL, but not your mindset practice.

No matter what day it is; weekend or holiday; my mindset practice is intact!

To be perfectly honest, I don't know how to even start my day anymore without my run (or walk), without journaling, listen to positive audio, reading, meditation and prayer.

And this doesn't mean I don't take breaks, as again I mention, LOL!!! 

I love naps :) I didn't used to give myself that pleasure but now, because I finally MATTER to myself, I DO!  And it's awesome!!!

And my mindset practice truly is my

Me time.


Make yourself a priority friends! Make a list of the things you love and start doing them. YOU are worth it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

P.S. I absolutely LOVE hearing from you! Please hit reply and tell me your comments, what you think, how you are doing :) I promise to answer!!!


Courage is WHAT is takes !!

I was thinking about just that on my walk the other day ...

It's about acting with our hearts,

AND it is precisely what gets us out there and makes our dreams come true.

I haven't thought about this in awhile, but there was a day in church where one of the ladies was going through something very heavy ...

We have an area up front by the altar where one can sit on the floor, or kneel and pray.  We have prayer journals alongside the edges of the big altar/worship center as well for writing.

She went up there and one could TELL she was hurting :(

I was surprised that no one went up there right away to comfort her; she is well known with many friends ...

So without thinking, I went up there, put my arm around her and just asked if I could help -

The reason I am sharing this is that IF I HAD THOUGHT about it, and let my MIND get involved, I would have talked myself out of it 

"I don't really know her, what if she doesn't want me there ..."

But by acting with my heart, not only do I have an amazing friend for life, she also refers trauma survivors to me to be coached :)

Never in a million years did I expect that!

Take a chance my friends! Act with Courage because you NEVER know what God will bring you in the process.

It is OKAY to take a Time Out

I have found in my journey that YES, we do need to push forward and find the positives every day in this life.

HOWEVER, we also need to SIT in the mess (or situation) for a bit and figure things out as well. We need to use this time to heal. We need to use this time to process and figure out what went wrong and/or find the lessons in what we went through.

Perhaps we just simply need to look at things differently.

We all heal over time, but I have found it best to take time in prayer, meditation, long walks and journaling before moving forward.

Wishing all of you beautiful blessings!

P.S. Are you a trauma survivor struggling to move forward? If so, I invite you to book a call with me. Together we will determine what you are passionate about, and how to go about pursuing your passions. 

You don't have to go another day feeling empty.  I have been in your shoes, and I realized life was too short to be anything but happy.  I hope you feel the same and are ready to take the steps with me to create your dream life. 

Feel free to comment below, and we will set up a time :) Can't wait to speak with you!


What will you leave when it is your time to go?

Will you have lived a life of purpose? Will you have used your gifts?

Some SO VERY talented people will go unnoticed because they are scared.

Believe me friends, I know scared. But what scares me more now is living the rest of my life full of regret.

Regret that I didn't help others who have been hurt like me. Regret that I didn't travel this amazing, beautiful world that God created just for us. Regret that I didn't live where I know I am meant to live ~ with ocean waves that I can see and hear every.single.day.

WHAT are you waiting for? Ask yourself that?!

Take out your journal and write it all out.

And friends, I don't know how old you are, but I will be 50 this year.  Yea, 50! Oh my gosh, that used to terrify me. It doesn't NOW because I am living my purpose!

Don't wait any longer. Don't wait until you have the right degrees or certification. Don't wait until you lose twenty pounds. 

DON'T WAIT for everything to be perfect because it never will be.


Martine, the Encouragement Queen

Certified Transformational, Mindset, and kick your butt into high gear Coach for women survivor's of trauma